We use our skills and experience to bring beauty and strength to concrete floors in residential and commercial buildings throughout Provo, Utah, and the surrounding areas. We call it affordable excellence.

What We Do

Concrete Stain and Epoxy provides the best in concrete coatings for floors in and around Provo, Utah. Safe, durable, easy to clean and beautiful, our concrete coatings provide the ultimate protection for your floors, and they last for many years. You can trust that our 27 years in the business are proof of our abilities, professionalism and customer service skills.


Whether you simply park your car in your garage or you’re turning the space into a gym, man cave or she shed, it will look immeasurably better with a epoxy garage floor coating. Say goodbye to stains when you call us for concrete epoxy garage floor installation.


Epoxy floor coatings transform your floor, whether it’s a garage, basement or another space at your home or business. Cover up that old, ugly concrete with a stunning finish and enjoy your space like never before.


Restore your concrete structures with concrete resurfacing. Stop worrying about cracking and sinking and instead top your driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck or other concrete structure with a new, stronger, more attractive overlay.


Concrete Staining

Want a quick, easy face lift for your floors or outdoor concrete structures? Get concrete staining! It’s economical and transforms your concrete from blah to beautiful. Choose among hundreds of colors, patterns and styles.


Waterproof Concrete Coatings

For structures that are prone to being exposed to moisture, you want a waterproof concrete coating. These include basements, indoor pool decks, public bathrooms and outdoor concrete structures. Transform your deck, patio or floor with a waterproof concrete coating.

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Residential Services

We provide concrete epoxy floor coatings and concrete staining services for freestanding homes, townhouses, planned communities and all types of residential dwellings in and around Provo. We resurface:

Commercial Services

We serve commercial businesses, municipal clients and owners of all types of buildings throughout Provo. Our services include providing concrete epoxy floor coatings and concrete staining and resurfacing for:

finish wet concrete
epoxy leveling

Industrial Services

Concrete flooring provides the foundation for most industrial buildings. Our concrete coatings make your floors stronger, more durable, safer, easier to clean and more attractive. We service:

Concrete coatings provide the strength you need and the beauty you want for all your floors — inside and out.


Concrete has long been considered the workhorse of residential and commercial structures. Strong, durable and affordable, it’s the choice of many homeowners and businessowners throughout Provo. The one item in the “cons” column underneath concrete flooring is its relatively plain appearance. Here at Concrete Staining and Epoxy, we address that issue with concrete coatings and stains.

Residential Concrete Floors

An epoxy floor coating can do amazing things for your concrete garage floor. 

A gray concrete floor isn’t just simple — it’s a bit dull. Add in some oil stains from a used car or two, a gas stain from the lawn mower, some spilled paint and a bit of rust from your gardening tools, and it can get downright ugly.

The solution is an epoxy garage floor coating. Concrete Stain and Epoxy offers a wide variety of the best garage floor coatings available in Provo. 

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We install epoxy garage floor coatings in three layers. The bottom layer, which goes directly on top of your existing concrete, is a primer. We top this with decorative flakes of the color you choose, then we seal it with a topcoat. The result is a beautiful, nonslip surface that cleans up easily with plain water.

We offer the same service to Provo residents who want epoxy floor coatings for their basement. Whether you’re using this part of your home as a recreational or work area, a concrete epoxy coating can transform your space from bleak and dismal to bright and stylish. 

Court in the garage

Commercial Concrete Coatings

Concrete floor coatings are perfect for gyms, office buildings, libraries, schools, public restrooms and almost any commercial or municipal space you can think of. Go with a nonslip, high-gloss concrete coating, or choose a speckled or muted finish.

Affordable, beautiful and easy to clean, our epoxy floor coatings not only make your space cheerful, polished and sleek, but also stronger and more durable.

Concrete Staining in Provo

At Concrete Stain and Epoxy, we also offer a variety of concrete staining options for residential and commercial customers in Provo. 

While our epoxy coatings are plastic-based, concrete staining involves covering your old concrete with a new layer of concrete (and a bonding agent) in a color of your choice. Available for either indoor or outdoor structures, our concrete staining services are like a makeover for your floors, driveways, pool deck, patios and more.

You can choose a simple, solid color or you can go for a dynamic pattern full of swirls and streaks. You can also select a matte finish, or go with high gloss for an elegant look.

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Safe and Hygienic Concrete Coatings

Your floors will be cleaner and safer with an epoxy coating or concrete staining. Ordinary concrete is porous and retains water, as well as dirt and bacteria. An epoxy floor coating or a concrete stain protects your floors and provides a smooth surface that’s quick and easy to mop and disinfect. 

To learn more about our concrete staining and epoxy floor coatings, chat with us online, give us a call or email us. We’re here to help you make your concrete stronger and more beautiful.

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At Concrete Stain and Epoxy we are honored to serve all Utahns in providing superior concrete coatings to their home and businesses