Concrete Resurfacing

If the concrete surface at your home or business in Provo or the surrounding area is cracked, stained, sinking or otherwise unattractive, call the team at Concrete Stain and Epoxy. We’ll get your concrete surfaces camera-ready — and we’ll make them safer too.

Broken, Sinking Concrete

Cracked concrete is an eyesore. But more than that, it can be dangerous. If your concrete is cracked because a portion is sinking, that can leave an uneven surface, which is a tripping hazard. 

When your concrete is cracked, sinking or otherwise uneven, you may think you need to call in a team to replace your concrete structure, but you can save money with concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing can work on most any concrete surface, indoors or out. This includes garage floors, patios, pool decks, walkways, sidewalks and driveways.

It is important, however, to address issues with sinking concrete before resurfacing. Sinking concrete is usually related to the ground underneath the concrete structure, and this may need to be shored up to even the surfaces. 

Even though concrete resurfacing is cheaper than concrete replacement, you still want the job to last, and it will not last as long if your concrete is sinking.

Choices for
Concrete in Provo

Once we get your concrete stable, we can install the overlay for your structure. This not only covers up the cracks, chips and dents, but also any stains your concrete may have suffered over the years, such as leaking or spilled oil or gasoline, paint or another chemical or substance.

Up until now, you may have had simple, gray concrete at your home or Provo business, but with concrete resurfacing, you can choose something more attractive.

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Types of
Concrete Finishes

A troweled finish is mostly what you see for budget projects. Done correctly, it’s smooth and attractive, if a bit plain. A broom finish looks like it has been swept with a broom. It’s good if you’re looking for a nonskid surface, but it’s hard to shovel and sweep. A stamped concrete finish leaves you with a patterned structure.

At Concrete Stain and Epoxy, our specialty is aggregate finishes, which look so beautiful when we’re done that you won’t believe it’s concrete! With an aggregate finish, you can choose any color or pattern you like. The final finish has a coarse or speckled appearance that not only looks great, but also provides a measure of grip that prevents slips and falls.

Plus, aggregate is tougher and longer-lasting than ordinary concrete, holding up better to hot and cold temperatures as well as all types of weather.

Residential and Commercial
Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is more economical than replacing your concrete structure, and it looks fabulous. If your customers have to walk across stained, cracked concrete sidewalks to get inside your establishment, they may think less of you. While Concrete Stain and Epoxy does many residential concrete resurfacing jobs, we also do our fair share of commercial applications, because you want to put your best foot forward at your Provo business.

For the best in concrete resurfacing in and around Provo, contact Concrete Stain and Epoxy.

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