Garage Floor Coatings

You don’t have to put up with an ugly garage floor. A professionally applied concrete coating not only covers up a multitude of sins, it leaves your garage floor looking truly beautiful. The expert team at Concrete Stain and Epoxy can fill you in on your options for epoxy floor coatings for homes and businesses throughout Provo and Spanish Fork, Utah.

Residential Concrete Coatings

Your garage has probably taken a little bit of a beating over the years. One or more of your family’s vehicles may have leaked oil or other staining fluids onto the concrete floor. Rust, paint, chemicals or just plain dirt can also contribute to making a garage floor supremely unattractive.
Whether you’re thinking of an epoxy coating because you’re selling your home or you would simply like to have a garage floor that looks nice, Concrete Stain and Epoxy can help. Our concrete coatings make your garage floor look gorgeous, they protect it from future stains and they make it easier to keep clean as well.

You’ll love the way your garage floor looks, whether you’re using the space as a workshop, gym or simply to park your car.

Commercial Garage
Floor Coatings

Regardless of what type of commercial business you own, you want to put your best face forward, and that means clean, attractive-looking garage floors.

You may own or operate an office, residential or retail building or another space that includes a parking garage. If your garage floors are ugly or stained, your customers, clients or potential residents will not be impressed.

car inside a garage with epoxy floor
epoxy garage

Concrete Stain and Epoxy can apply a garage floor coating that immediately improves the look and increases the value of your property. You can choose a solid color epoxy floor or a flake pattern, depending on your preferences. You can also select a glossy or matte non-slip finish.

If you own a business such as an auto repair shop, it’s important to understand that our concrete coatings are not just attractive, they’re also protective. Whether it’s oil, antifreeze or a caustic chemical, your epoxy garage floor coating will hold up and resist staining.

Epoxy resin floor coatings are popular for industrial applications as well. Whether you operate a warehouse, trucking terminal or any other type of heavy-duty facility, a quality garage floor coating can make your space safer and more attractive.

Our industrial concrete coatings will not crack — even under the pressure of heavy machinery. A glossy surface makes your epoxy garage floor more attractive, but don’t worry — it’s also non-slip. Chemical or other fluid spills will not stain or penetrate an epoxy garage floor. Once you get an industrial garage floor coating, you can expect it to last for many years, improving the look and function of your industrial space.

Epoxy floor

Best Garage Floor Coatings in Provo & Spanish Fork

For the best in residential, commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings in Provo and Spanish Fork, Concrete Stain and Epoxy is the concrete resurfacing team to call.

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