Waterproof Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings make floors beautiful, but they also serve a larger purpose. In particular, waterproof concrete coatings help preserve and protect your floors and surfaces — inside and out. Concrete Stain and Epoxy offers a wide selection of colors and finishes for waterproof concrete coatings for homes and business in Provo and throughout northern Utah.

Concrete Coatings for Provo Businesses

Many businesses in and around Provo need waterproof concrete coatings for their floors. These types of businesses usually deal with chemicals or other hazardous liquids that could damage unprotected concrete. 

Concrete Stain and Epoxy installs waterproof concrete coatings at auto repair shops, factories, industrial facilities and other types of businesses.

Waterproof Your
Basement Floor

As you may imagine, Provo homeowners frequently call us to find out about waterproof concrete coatings for their basement.

As much effort as you may put into landscape drainage, your basement may still get wet during heavy rainstorms. For that reason, carpeting is usually a poor choice for a basement. But plain concrete can be ugly in a living space.

A waterproof epoxy floor coating for your Provo basement is both beautiful and functional. An epoxy floor coating makes any floor look dazzling, plus you have so many color and style options to choose from. And because it’s waterproof, your floor is protected. If you get water in your basement, simply mop it up or use a shop vac and you’re good to go.

Garage with epoxy floor
clean garage

Epoxy Garage
Floor Coatings

Another room that homeowners favor for waterproof concrete coatings is the garage. Much like a commercial garage, a residential garage can suffer staining from oil and other fluids that may leak from your family’s vehicles. Not only is this hazardous, it leaves stains on ordinary concrete that are difficult — if not impossible — to get out.

When you opt to get an epoxy garage floor coating from Concrete Stain and Epoxy, your garage floor will be protected from spills. Plus, waterproof concrete coatings resist mold and mildew, so your garage will not only look beautiful, but it will also smell clean and fresh too.

Municipal &
Commercial Spaces

Many public and private facilities need waterproof concrete coatings for areas such as pool decks, locker rooms, restrooms and more. Pools, gyms and public restrooms in building such as libraries, schools and community centers are perfect places for epoxy floor coatings.

Buildings that are open to the public get a lot of use, and when water is part of that use, you need a durable epoxy floor coating. Waterproof concrete coatings not only protect your floors from water damage, but they also can provide a nonslip surface that helps cut down on injury risk and possible lawsuits.

Interior with epoxy
Driveway epoxy

Waterproof Concrete Coatings, Indoors and Out

Whether you have a backyard pool or you operate a municipal pool, you own an automotive garage or you park your truck in your garage at home, we have a waterproof concrete coating for you.

Contact Concrete Stain and Epoxy today to learn more about your options for epoxy floor coatings in Provo and throughout northern Utah. We make concrete beautiful.

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